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Empactr is a technology company and online platform transforming how purpose-driven organizations measure and amplify their impact. 

We offer an innovative, hybrid collaboration and outcome tracking tool, making it easier to collect, manage, and share impact data. As a result, the platform promotes and fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration across stakeholders.

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An Outcome-Based Collaboration Tool

Save Time

Quickly collect, track, and compile activities and metrics across projects/programs

Foster Transparency

See and understand in real-time the traction and progress of each project/program

Avoid Duplication

Share resources between similar projects/programs and avoid re-creation

Drive Innovation

Create more opportunities to innovate when like-minded individuals are aware of each other’s work

Empactr's Application

A social tool dedicated to tracking outcomes and activities across a diverse collection of projects, programs, and organizations

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Collect Impact Data

  • Quickly add projects/programs with a simple, easy-to-use interface​

  • Clearly identify the targeted inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes for each project/program

  • Collect data through impact updates based on metric type – short, bite-sized pieces of content consisting of engaging stories, quantitative metrics, and/or multimedia

Manage Impact Data

  • Design and monitor comprehensive dashboards to view platform statistics, projects/programs, users, and metrics

  • Quickly see the status and activity of projects/programs in real-time

  • Create and send notifications directly to users for easy communication and to improve engagement

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Share Impact Data

  • Explore a dynamic activity feed consisting of impact updates from all projects/programs

  • Easily filter and search for project/program updates and metrics

  • Share metrics and impact updates seamlessly, through the platform and/or marketing channels including external websites and social media

Key Features

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Projects & Programs

Platform is centered around projects and programs. Users can easily add or join projects/programs and post impact updates to track and convey progress.

User Profiles

All users have profiles which can be associated to various projects/programs. Profiles contain key information about the user, including their skills, expertise, location, and areas of interest.

Advanced Search

Intuitive search capabilities allow the user to easily find projects, programs, and people. Users can search based on focus areas, user characteristics, and location.

Simplified Interface

A combination of an enterprise social network and outcome management software, the tool offers a familiar, easy-to-use interface similar to popular social media platforms.

Maximum Flexibility

Flexible design supports a diverse collection of projects, programs, and organizations. Easily define the type of information and metrics to collect, manage, and share.

Impact & User Metrics

Collect metrics on projects/programs as well as how users are connecting and sharing knowledge across the platform, all which can be aggregated platform-wide.


To learn more about our platform and how Empactr can work for your organization, please contact us at or complete our contact form.

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